Quality Policy:

One aspect of our success is the never ending quest of setting high standards in quality. It is one issue on which we never compromise. Our strict quality control program enforces all the specified tests and quality checks at all levels of production. Strict quality control checks are maintained on the procurement of raw materials, in-process manufacturing, and pre-dispatch inspection to enable our customers to receive high caliber and highest quality ducts and other products.

We, the management and employees of GP SPIRA DUCT Private Limited, are committed to providing our customers with the products and services they want.

To achieve this, we believe in striving continuously to improve the quality of the products and services we render to our customers and in the implementation of our Quality System based on SMACNA standards for manufacturing.

Training and empowering each employee to make the best possible contribution to improve quality and performance in the respective area of responsibility is a part of our policy.

Quality Assurance:

Dimensional Accuracy:

Interchangeable: The parts supplied are marked and identified in a manner that the corresponding parts of a similar duct section can be interchanged.

Low leakage: The slip-tight technology ensures there is minimum leakage of air, thereby saving considerable energy and cost.

Aesthetics: GP SPIRA ducts ensure uniformity ‑ symmetry and dimensional accuracy. In an exposed area, we fabricate the ducting to camouflage the longitudinal seams and minimise the visibility of suspension rods. Durable surface finishes and colours are provided through pre-powder coated coils.


GP SPIRA doesn’t just manufacture ducts. It ensures that people installing the ducting system are given proper training to ensure all standards are followed:


GP SPIRA provides you with detailed documents related to the job along with each delivery. These include:

Parts Layout: Listing of all parts in sequence of assembly that should be followed.

Bills of Material: List of total quantity of each unique section.

Transverse Connectors Summary Report: Shows the type of connectors and quantity; 5% more cleats (C-SS joints) are supplied than the actual requirement to facilitate damaged/missing parts.

Area Summary Report: Shows area (in sq. m.) for each duct part, subtotal and grand total (billable quantity).

Material Reconciliation Statement: Where the customer supplies raw material, a material reconciliation report is generated every month. Customer’s representative can undertake a physical inspection of balance of raw material at the factory any time he/she wishes.

Certificates: We will provide Test Certificate for the Material.